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About Us

We are the manufacturers of THE patent pending custom imprinted stretchable cover which will keep your steering wheel cooler, protect your bar stools, cover your bread baskets, keep the dust off your fans during the winter months, decorate your marching band tuba or sousaphone bells, allow you to create your very own custom dartboard face AND protect all of these items for years to come.  Our Stretchable Covers have a wide appeal, and are quickly becoming a well-known brand.

Easily stored under a seat, in a glove compartment, or in any storage console, our covers are made with a polyester micro-fiber fabric which protects automobile (car, truck, RV, bus, golf cart, farm tractor) steering wheels from sun damage and heat, while protecting boat steering wheels from similar elements with added protection against the water, salt and wind.  The extremely soft and durable polyester material also lends itself to cleaning windshields, sunglasses and various spills.   It is easily laundered using a household or industrial washer and dryer.

Market demand has also led to the development of our extra large (XL) Stretchable Covers for larger steering wheels such as those commonly found on tractor-trailers, RVs and the command centers of larger boats. Several RV dealers, trucking companies and boat distributors have recently placed large orders, with the latter planning to include boating safety messages.

Stretchable Covers (originally Cool Wheel Covers) were invented as a way to compensate for the areas of the automobile steering wheel not protected by foldout window shades.  The solution was a flexible heat resistant fabric that could be stretched over the entire wheel in seconds and easily stored in the glove compartment when not in use.     We have found over time, that boating enthusiasts as well as marine dealers really like the added layer of protection for their steering wheels.

We also discovered that our product had other interesting uses, such as covers for bar stools (extremely popular!), bread baskets in restaurants, tuba  and sousaphone covers in marching bands (also very popular), safety reminders for fleet services and transportation companies, monitor dust covers and even stadium headwear at football games…   We keep finding more and more uses for our unique product.

In a very short time, we discovered that once people purchased and used our covers, they wanted to buy more of them for different uses and reasons.  Now Stretchable Covers are available worldwide and are used in industrial settings as well as in the gift, promotional and consumer arenas.