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Privacy Policy

What You Know:  Your personal / corporate history information is important to us. 

What WE Know:  Your personal / corporate history information is important to you.  


What We Will Do With Your History / Information:   

We will keep all of your contact information PRIVATE.   We will keep track of your purchases and your artwork for you so that future orders (and reorders) will require minimal effort on your part.  This is part of our exceptional service plan.


What We Will NOT Do With Your History / Information: 

We will not sell it.  We will not allow ANY of it to leave our offices in any form.  We will not send SPAM.  We will not leak it to the press.  We will not utilize it to start conflicts in far-away lands.  We will not make prank phone calls.  We will not use it to throw off the next mayoral election in Smackover, Arkansas.  We will not use your information for anything other than the purposes listed above in the "What We Will Do" statement.