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Our Stretchable Safety Covers save lives everyday.
But what about the lives of our Police Officers and First Responders?

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Our police, fire and first response teams put their lives on the line each day for the rest of us.  What they sometimes forget to do is watch out for themselves. So many accidents in official vehicles can be avoided with simple reminders. 

Our First Responder Stretchable Covers can help prevent accidents if used consistently with every shift.

There is an urgent and constant need for reminders regarding the safe operation of our emergency vehicles.  Our Stretchable Covers provide an easy way to constantly remind all emergency vehicle operators to BE CAREFUL and not move any vehicle without completing a basic safety check list.

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Stretchable Covers are a great way to promote SAFETY.

You can create your very own message with graphics, use one of our stock designs, or allow us to work with you to craft the right imprint for your needs.

Our standard size Police Steering Wheel Covers are available in White, Safety Yellow and Safety Orange. We also have a limited supply of Crimson Red covers in our warehouse. The web photos may reflect slight variances (depending on the light in the photo and the settings on your monitor).

Our extra large covers are available in White, Safety Orange and Safety Yellow.  For most steering wheels, the standard size covers work best.

*We can print any color background in solid or patterned!

Like all of our covers, Safety Covers can be imprinted with your name, initials, logo, design or message. You can even choose one of our stock designs and add your company information.

All police steering wheel covers are made of high quality polyester micro-fiber so they can be used (and abused) and then thrown in any washer/dryer to be used again and again. They are also incredibly soft and absorbent, so they can double as cloths for wiping down spills or any other mess which can occur from time to time... The heavy-duty construction includes sewn-in, no-roll elastic which surrounds the entire steering wheel. Easy on and easy off with no pull tabs. Our Stretchable Safety Covers are designed to last!

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WHEEL cover you.... so you can work safely while protecting others!

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